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    • Acorns To Oaks Pre-School
      1618 Route 82
      Kimberly Korners Plaza
      LaGrangeville, NY, 12540
      Phone: 845-227-1904
      Fax: 845-227-1911
      Email: mightyoakhub@aol.com
      Website: www.acornstooaks.net
      Our warm, nurturing environments provide developmentally appropriate activities for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and before and after school programs
    • Cafe DELIicious LLC
      1097 Rt. 55
      LaGrangeville, NY, 12540
      Phone: 845-454-DELI (3354)
      Fax: 845-471-CAFE (2233)
      Text Orders To: 845-453-2889
      Website: www.cafedeliicious.com
      We serve the LaGrangeville area and beyond with Breakfast and Lunch Specials, Deli Specials & Arlington Student Specials. We have a full Deli Menu, Catering Menu and we take orders by phone, fax and text. Hours: Mon, Tues...6 - 6, Wed - Fri...6 - 8, Sat, Sun... 8 - 5.
    • Page Duster Website Design & Hosting
      Box 492 Rt. 55
      LaGrangeville, NY, 12540
      Phone: 845-505-7575
      Email: duster@pageduster.com
      Website: www.pageduster.com
      Page Duster is a unique website design & hosting company serving the greater Hudson Valley Region and beyond. We have ongoing specials and entry priced websites. We offer the very popular $95 per month website making it affordable for everyone. See our online portfolio for more information.
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